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Pierce’s Inn was built in 1947, by Bob Keene, Dartmouth Class ’30, who wanted a weekend get away from New York. It was not originally built as an Inn. Bob and wife Louise found that they enjoyed hosting pals on weekends and within a year, Keene’s Lodge was opened for paying customers.  Ever the visionary, Bob designed a 1500 foot rope tow that pulled skiers up the hill behind the Inn.  Skiing became a significant aspect of the business and remained so until the early 80’s when the rope tow was taken out. 
The Keene’s ran the lodge until the 1959.  After a couple of interim owners Reg and Nance Pierce bought the place in 1971.  Reg, Dartmouth ’46, and Nancy had frequented Keene’s Lodge while in Hanover for Reg’s class reunions.  The Pierce children came to the Lodge for weeklong ski camps from Connecticut.  Following in Keene’s footsteps, Reg and Nance left behind the executive life in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut to move to the rural outskirts of Hanover, NH. 
Pierce’s Inn became a popular spot for various Dartmouth group functions such as class reunions, sports team banquets and retreats. In the summers family reunions and weddings kept the Pierce’s busy.  In wintertime “Ski School” was a big hit. A Greyhound bus would arrive spilling a load of teenage kids from Connecticut who stay for a week. The campers skied and frolicked to their hearts content.  Reg and Nance’s brood of seven children were the ski instructors in the winter and would help with the various Inn projects when they were not busy with college, school or work.
In the fall of 2002, Reg and Nance moved to the Chalet next door and handed the reins to the youngest of the Pierce clan, Cindy Pierce. Cindy her husband Bruce, and three young children (three, five and six) have enjoyed the innkeeping lifestyle.  Having grown up in the Inn, Cindy appreciates the opportunity to stay close to her family and to host great folks from all over.  Sadly, Cindy’s Father Reg passed away in the summer of  2003. We all miss him greatly and we appreciate all that he and Nancy did to bring Pierce’s Inn to where it is today. Nancy is still next door and we appreciate her help and support, we feel lucky that our family has her nearby.

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